Lords of the Sky!

Pirates of Skyview is a Fantasy Steampunk adventure of sky pirates, undead plagued shadowlands, magical floating fairy kingdoms, and wild west heroics set in the shattered world of Arsa.

There might even be dinosaurs.

Adventurers will work their way up to owning and piloting their own sky ships, engage in desperate battles in the sky, plunge the depths of the hollows, and travel to lands long forgotten and most likely take their stuff.

Cooperative Worldbuilding!

Please share in the process of building the world of Arsa! Players are encouraged to spontaneously add their own ideas, backstory, plot twists, etc. as we play, and I’ll do the best I can to integrate them and try to make it as fun as possible. :-)

About Us!

Some notes for would-be players and/or parents of such if they be but wee sprouts.
Hi, I’m John, the GM (Game Master) for Pirates of Skyview. I’ve been running and playing table-top RPG’s since the very dawn of this hobby/industry, what is known as the “White Box” era of D&D. This campaign is being mostly designed for my middle son and his friends, ages 12-14. This was the age I was when I started playing D&D, and I hope to bring them some of the joys of creating a shared story with friends over a table and bowl of Cheetoes (Okay, Pirate’s Booty, it’s healthier and low and behold – fits the theme..). I’m a firm believer that nothing replaces personal interaction, and in the age of social media where children are growing up on the ‘electronic islands’ of virtual friendships through Facebook and Twitter, this is even more important in my opinion.

Anyhoo, enough hyperbole, on with the adventure!!