Pirates of Skyview

Canvassing the Scene

Hi everyone! We’re running the first part of the adventure via email, so please read everything! This first part will be run using a 4e system of Skill Challenges, and you’re goal will be to figure out what’s going on, determine any appropriate character skills or actions that apply, roll against those if prompted, and generate a set number of skill successes to pass the challenge.

I’ll be moving all the character’s stats over to the longer “full” format available here in OP, so you’ll see your chosen skills, backgrounds, powers, etc. It’s doubtful this first portion of this adventure will end up in any sort of combat, so look to your skills and role-playing to solve things first!

Your mission, should you take it..

Thousands of visitors have poured into the city, hoping to be present as the King launches in a new era of progress and achievement for Valdacere. The new Steam Engine powered aership, the RMS Cloudtongue, the largest and most powerful of it’s kind Valdacere has yet to construct, awaits it’s launch ceremony to be hosted by the King himself.

The people have gathered in Royal Square, on the mainland side of a bridge that leads to the Royal Shipyard. The city guards, commanded by officers from the Royal Constabulary, are counting off exactly seven hundred people who will be let onto the bridge and into Fleet Square so that they can cheer as the carriages of the King and other dignitaries arrive.

You’re company of Freebooters has been commissioned secretly to mingle with the crowd, and look for potential spies or instigators, parse them out, and deal with the problem in as quiet and effective a manner as possible..

Goal One: Canvass the crowd.

Your representative from the Constabulary has briefed you on the three groups they fear most likely to create problems during the event.

  • Dockers: Usually burly workers with eclectic fashions drawn from many lands, who work in the shipyards and warehouses.
  • Wildings: Often elven or half-elven, often noble or from noble families, who would likely hide this by dressing down and trying to blend in.
  • Red Guard veterans: Older, usually in noticably better fighting shape than regular citizens, very proud but also very loyal to the people of Valdacere.

You have to look for possible threats out of hundreds of men, women,
and scampering children. Work together and with the police to canvas the
whole crowd. You can’t just question the whole crowd. You need a clear idea of what
appearances or mannerisms might be clues that someone’s a threat.

How do you do it? What methods or ideas do you try? The problem is yours to solve..

GO! I’ll open a forum thread here to continue.. :-) Ask any questions, etc. there.

We’ll roll any needed dice through the Hamate Dice Server https://dicelog.com/dice. I’ve created a dice log, which will require subscribing to access, if you want to run it nice-n-tidy, or you can just use the e-mail results of rolls systems and send them to john@gronquist.com.

First Move
A call from a King

It is spring of the year 1589AF (After Fall). Seven years have passed since the end of the Fourth Queensrain War. The nations of Valdacere and Atori are once again building up their resources and navies, bristling for yet another battle over the rich resources of Ravenfall Hollow. King Vallon the 3rd of Valdacere has come to the shipyards of Redstrike to witness the official launch of his mighty new warship, the Cloudtongue.

The Royal Constabulary has commissioned available Freebooters to help with crowd security during the event. Your company has gathered and been singled out as significantly more skilled than average deputies, and is recruited for scouting for possible dissidents and securing them quietly if possible.

Three groups are expected to be likely to cause trouble;

  • Dockers, angry workers in progress to form a union.
  • Wildings, agents of a group intent on stopping the progress of the new ember-based industry
  • Red Guard, traditionalist veterans of Valdacere who might target the ship’s tiefling designer.

Is a threat from any of these forces real? Or can the PC’s skate their way to an easy paycheck? Find out in the first exciting episode of Pirates of Skyview!


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