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Canvassing the Scene

Hi everyone! We’re running the first part of the adventure via email, so please read everything! This first part will be run using a 4e system of Skill Challenges, and you’re goal will be to figure out what’s going on, determine any appropriate character skills or actions that apply, roll against those if prompted, and generate a set number of skill successes to pass the challenge.

I’ll be moving all the character’s stats over to the longer “full” format available here in OP, so you’ll see your chosen skills, backgrounds, powers, etc. It’s doubtful this first portion of this adventure will end up in any sort of combat, so look to your skills and role-playing to solve things first!

Your mission, should you take it..

Thousands of visitors have poured into the city, hoping to be present as the King launches in a new era of progress and achievement for Valdacere. The new Steam Engine powered aership, the RMS Cloudtongue, the largest and most powerful of it’s kind Valdacere has yet to construct, awaits it’s launch ceremony to be hosted by the King himself.

The people have gathered in Royal Square, on the mainland side of a bridge that leads to the Royal Shipyard. The city guards, commanded by officers from the Royal Constabulary, are counting off exactly seven hundred people who will be let onto the bridge and into Fleet Square so that they can cheer as the carriages of the King and other dignitaries arrive.

You’re company of Freebooters has been commissioned secretly to mingle with the crowd, and look for potential spies or instigators, parse them out, and deal with the problem in as quiet and effective a manner as possible..

Goal One: Canvass the crowd.

Your representative from the Constabulary has briefed you on the three groups they fear most likely to create problems during the event.

  • Dockers: Usually burly workers with eclectic fashions drawn from many lands, who work in the shipyards and warehouses.
  • Wildings: Often elven or half-elven, often noble or from noble families, who would likely hide this by dressing down and trying to blend in.
  • Red Guard veterans: Older, usually in noticably better fighting shape than regular citizens, very proud but also very loyal to the people of Valdacere.

You have to look for possible threats out of hundreds of men, women,
and scampering children. Work together and with the police to canvas the
whole crowd. You can’t just question the whole crowd. You need a clear idea of what
appearances or mannerisms might be clues that someone’s a threat.

How do you do it? What methods or ideas do you try? The problem is yours to solve..

GO! I’ll open a forum thread here to continue.. :-) Ask any questions, etc. there.

We’ll roll any needed dice through the Hamate Dice Server https://dicelog.com/dice. I’ve created a dice log, which will require subscribing to access, if you want to run it nice-n-tidy, or you can just use the e-mail results of rolls systems and send them to john@gronquist.com.


So, one question – why do they expect the Red Guard people to make trouble? Seems like this would be a good day for them?

Do we have an elf/half elf in the party? Preferably one with noble ties? (or at least familiar with the courts?)

Canvassing the Scene

In many ways it should be a banner day for any loyal Valdaceren’s. But the Red Guard has “issues” with the rather infamous engineer that designed the Cloudtounge, a scholar/engineer named Geoff Masarde, both because he’s a Tiefling and because he used to be a member of the Merchant Lords of Atori. Atori is one of the few Flatlander nations to have full equality for Tieflings, and a number of families of them have been key to the economic and military growth of Valdacere’s oldest rival nation.

The King has been open about working with Masarge, and this led to a seperation of some of the core older Red Guard, many of which had fought against Atori tieflings and their infernal contraptions in the last Queensrain War.. History skill rolls would be useful for finding out more.. ;-)

Devon’s character, Theren, is a half-elf ranger. He comes from an area called the Evershade forest, which is a large wild area on the eastern side of the Eastern Darksea. He doesn’t have any nobility connections at all, and basically is very much a creature of the forest.. He’s likely having problems coping with this city actually.

Arcana or History would apply to digging into more about the Fey.

Canvassing the Scene

I’ll take my history, arcana and similar rolls a bit later.
During our initial briefing was it made clear whether the designer would be attending?
I’d like to know more details about his safety since our employers brought up the possibility of an attack on his person. I’d also like to request more information about why he is helping the king in the first place; is he a deserter or a turn coat? I’d also like to request information pertaining to what threat those ignorant dockers could possibly present? Is it just antiwar sentiments or a splinter group taking extreme action?

Canvassing the Scene

The skills which I am the best in, which might help in finding info are: Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate all of which are at +9.

My take on Eclipse’s background is that he was born to “traveling” folk, never really spent much time in any one place. A drifter who is use to visiting new cities and places and finding work. He has become a “Staff for Hire”, a Magical Berserker who on the front lines is willing to get his hands dirty.

He is going to focus on the Dockers and the Red Guard. Locate the bars/pubs/etc that those folks hang out in, and use bluff, intimidate, or diplomacy (depending on the situation) to see if he can dig up any dirt on what is going on.

Canvassing the Scene

John, could you post at least my char’s stats on his character page please? You are the only one with a copy of him at the moment…

I suspect that cruising the crowd searching for people who don’t move the way they’re dressed would be useful. The Wildlngs and Red-guard may be discoverable that way, but anyone planning something later but trying to fit in for now might give themselves away. I’m not sure I’m the best person for this, but also suspect there may be something better for that person to be doing… just a thought of something that should be done.

Canvassing the Scene

I to gave you my stat sheet and don’t remember what I was.

Canvassing the Scene

Hey all, sorry for the delays getting back.

RE: Maxx

The Tiefling Designer, Geoff Masarde, will be attending the launch event, but will not be in the crowd you’re assigned to investigate. He’s on the ship, which does have a significant royal guard on board and outside. You’re company has been brought on a ‘first line’ of safety, because you’re obviously not members of the guard and can mix and mingle with the crowd in the Royal Square. In some ways the job you’re doing is busy work, but the pay is reasonable, and any job that could get you in good graces with royalty obviously could have side perks..

Why the designer is helping the King is the subject of much discussion throughout the countryside, parsing truth from rumors is difficult and would require skill checks. :-) Current rumors include him having a life-debt to the King’s family, him being a spy for Atori, him being a suitor for the King’s Sister, the list goes on..

The Docker’s aren’t anti-war, they’re actually fairly pro-war being that they often don’t fight in them and make most of their living from the ships leaving the port cities. So all in all they’re mostly in favor of the new ship and what it means.. The Docker’s are mostly just unruly, and currently have been scuffling with the local city guard over dock rights and have been worked to their limits as of late. You’d need to mingle with some and find their actual concerns with skills, etc to get more specific info.

RE: Shaun

Unfortunately the job was offered without any time to pre-canvas pubs, etc. It was a posting which your company responded too, and the briefing was given literally right before you’re led out into the Royal Square to start the crowd searching.. As mentioned above, it wasn’t a really exciting job, but your team fit the needs and it’s a high profile client.

RE: Rich

Everyone moves in ways they normally wouldn’t around your character… Minotaurs are extremely rare in Valdacere (which considers itself one of the more ‘civilized’ nations). You get the sense quite quickly that it’s assumed you’re a bouncer or personal guard of some kind. Standing a few hands higher than most of the crowd isn’t helping either. It’s quite possible you could use this subtle intimidation to prod a hidden element into action though. Skills would apply.. ;-)

RE: All

Since it’s only a few days until the game, let’s save dice rolling until then, if that’s okay?

I’ll get the character sheets plugged in here before Saturday, and I’ll try and plug in more info on the world and cultures beforehand too. Feel free to hit me up with any questions, or even offer suggestions on things you think would fit or would be interested in seeing as part of the game going forward!


Canvassing the Scene

Yep – I did say I may not be the best person for that job… was hoping someone else would pick it up. But yes, some subtle leaning may have to happen.

Canvassing the Scene

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