Pirates of Skyview

First Move

A call from a King

It is spring of the year 1589AF (After Fall). Seven years have passed since the end of the Fourth Queensrain War. The nations of Valdacere and Atori are once again building up their resources and navies, bristling for yet another battle over the rich resources of Ravenfall Hollow. King Vallon the 3rd of Valdacere has come to the shipyards of Redstrike to witness the official launch of his mighty new warship, the Cloudtongue.

The Royal Constabulary has commissioned available Freebooters to help with crowd security during the event. Your company has gathered and been singled out as significantly more skilled than average deputies, and is recruited for scouting for possible dissidents and securing them quietly if possible.

Three groups are expected to be likely to cause trouble;

  • Dockers, angry workers in progress to form a union.
  • Wildings, agents of a group intent on stopping the progress of the new ember-based industry
  • Red Guard, traditionalist veterans of Valdacere who might target the ship’s tiefling designer.

Is a threat from any of these forces real? Or can the PC’s skate their way to an easy paycheck? Find out in the first exciting episode of Pirates of Skyview!



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