Automatons were forged by the Arcanists to be a race of servants and soldiers. They are in all respects identical to the Warforged from the world of Ebberon, which a few cosmetic and functional exceptions.

Whirr and Click

Automatons function both by magical animation, willpower to exist, as well as gears and steam. As such they are slightly noisier than the Warforged, and suffer a -2 on all Stealth rolls.

Ember is Life

Automatons are powered by furnaces inside them called Gearhearts. Gearhearts are powered by burning Ember, without Ember an Automaton will lose their primary power and be reduced to a barely mobile state. This also makes Automatons rather in trouble around water, or other things that could submerge and extinguish their furnace. The furnaces are a genius design, which makes them fairly resistant to all but prolonged submersion or lack of air. They also burn the Ember very efficiently, a mere Kilgram is suffient for an entire days function at full operation.

Smokeless Trance

Automatons may opt to go into a semi-powered state.

Size is what you make of it

Automatons may be either small, medium, or large. There are rumors of tiny ones, but most gearheart designs do not allow that small a form to function.


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