Evershade Forest

The forest shrouded in eternal shade…

The Evershade Forest is housed in the Uplands. Evershade is named after the fact that it is shrouded in eternal shade, excluding a few clearings, because it has extremely tall trees that block out any sunlight coming in. The clearings of Evershade are ideal places to build cottages or small homes.

How residents of Evershade Forest make money is the massive amounts of lumber that comes from the gargantuan evergreen trees. A single tree is enough to build a small house, if not more. The trees of Evershade are also very special. Because of the location of Evershade Forest, overlooking a cliff down to the Hollows, the water that the trees use are infused with ember-tainted water, making the logs more flammable, and last longer in a fire. A single meter of Evershade logs will last for six hours in a fire, without starting to go out.

Even though the water in the soil is tainted with ember, the pools and lakes on the surface are fresh from the river, containing no form of taint. All the water that has soaked up taint from the soil is sent down off a waterfall, into the Hollows.

Former PC’s (Player Characters) of Evershade Forest:

  • Theren

Evershade Forest

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