During the early years of the foundation of the Royal Couriers League, many attempts were made to unify standards for workers of various functions of governments and people to match the success of the RCL. The vast majority of these failed as standards drifted between nations or simply were of little practical value..

One that stuck and continues today though is that of The Freebooters. Not really an organization as much as a classification, Freebooters are a legal construct for registering companies of individuals available for hire or charter. Governments of the land often protect the charters and terms of these agreements, in an effort to ensure that these flexible and useful functionaries continue to exist as a group..

In most cases these chartered Freebooter “Companies” are registered and listed as Guards, Adventurers, Entertainers, etc.. But for many nations this includes such unsavory functions as open piracy, mercenary forces, assassins, etc..

In practice the degree to which a charter given to a Freebooter is respected and/or protected throughout the lands depends entirely on that company’s influence, and the influence and power of the issuing group or person. Yet in most cases having a charter does provide that group more freedom to operate in many locations than non-chartered citizens or travellers enjoy.


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