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Lands and Geography

  • The Hollows – Sunken lands cloaked by the Haze
  • Flatlands – The walking world, where mortals dual
  • Uplands – The elevated kingdom of elves and goliaths
  • The Great Barrier Storm – A screaming miasma cutting off the sky
  • Skylands – Beyond the storm, a feral paradise floats in the stars
  • Chasms – Knifing deep into the ink dark realm of the dead

Ecosystems and the Order of Things

  • Ember – A dark jewel that burns and powers the engines of the world
  • Aerstone – The fragile crystals which create Aether when they shatter
  • Aether – The very stuff of legends, lifting everyone to new heights




  • Eldritch Initiates – Arcane powered classes
  • Celestial Heralds – Divine powered classes
  • Man at Arms – Martial powered classes
  • Mystics – Psionic powered classes
  • The Untamed – Primal powered classes
  • The Hidden – Shadow powered classes


Main Page

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