Orders, Houses, and Guilds

Caravaner’s Guild

Ranchers Hand

Coinmaster’s Union

The Golden Rope

A group of self-avowed “Free Men” who formed during the Second Queensrain War. Mercenaries and recruits from both sides watched as ship after ship rained down into the depths of Ravenfall Hollow, and then watched months later as legions of the undead, formed from the former crew of the very same ships, crawled up the cliffs into their homes and vowed “never again”.

For two hundred years the Golden Rope has fought to protect and encourage the free towns of all nations. They do not actively pursue the end of governments of any nation, but seek only to protect those who choose not to belong..

Royal Couriers League

Originally formed by an alliance between Valdacere and Kesterin to improve communications, by standardizing the methods for sending and receiving protected and sealed messages, the RCL has been adopted by every civilized nation on Arsa.

Knowing that any single organization by a government wouldn’t be trusted, and that the world itself was too dangerous and resources too spread thin to form a true postal service, the RCL focused on methods of securing the messages themselves, and then recruiting any available pilots or ships at hand to convey them.

The key to it’s service is special message tubes, which seal and protect their contents, and are rated both in security and priority. Low security messages sent through their service are sealed in special metal tubes which mark the message upon opening, ensuring the recipient is the first person to read it. Higher security ones often require keys to open, are protected by magical wards, and destroy the message should unauthorized attempts to open it occur. The standards for these message tubes are extremely strict, and in many places more respected than the laws of the area..

Pilots are paid both by the sender and receiver for a message, with the RCL handling any poor treatement either by clients or courier. Fees are fixed based upon the Star rating of the priority of the message and the speed at which the message was delivered.

The dedication and quality of the RCL has created a fairly reliable postal system, and their business has exploded, now even commoners make use of their services, and few ships leave port without at least a handful of RCL tubes aboard.

The RCL takes it’s job very seriously, seeing themselves as the very agents of peace, and any attempts to jury rig or falsify their methods sees swift retribution by some of the fastest and most skill ships in the land..

Aeronauts Assembly

A league of the world’s finest Airship Pilots. It’s headquarters is located in the merchants sector of Redstrike City, and is filled with the boisterous voices, bold claims, and flat out lies. Behind all the bragging and backslapping though lies a serious organization, which possesses some of the best navigational charts anywhere. It’s members also seem to have almost supernatural savvy in avoiding governmental entanglements, and it’s this factor that’s unifies them and provides them a freedom few other pilot groups possess.

Embral Alliance

A foundation of Ember mining operations seeking to maintain quality standards, pricing, protect trade routes, and ensure operations for their members. Generally not encountered in average shops or markets, the Alliance operates mostly behind the scenes, taking taxes from mining operations, and negotiating with governments of cities and kingdoms. Many in the know feel it’s power actually exceeds that of most nations, but evidence for such has never surfaced or been proven..

Redstrike Clock & Alchemy


A cadre of Revenants openly dedicated to the Raven Queen, who patrol the realms and enforce a creed which they call the Laws of the Dead. They also pay strike adherence to the laws of whichever kingdom they’re in at the time, but are known for being extremely skilled at achieving their goals regardless. Graywings are in some ways the Marshalls of the Dead, and many believe desire to keep a form of peace between them and the living.

Orders, Houses, and Guilds

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