Above the Great Barrier Storm floats kingdoms in the clouds, known as the Skylands. Held aloft by some unknown force, these many small continents drift across the sky in lazy orbits, passing over the world with little care or concern for the unseen lands far below.

Rich in water which springs unbidden from magical wells, and the full radiance of the two suns, the Skylands are a verdant paradise, inhabited by feyland creatures, and home to the lofty towers of the Eladrin. Few mortals from the world below, which the Skylanders call the Fallen Lands, ever make their way through the barrier storm and cast their eyes on the shimmering splendor of these fairy lands. The Shining Court which rules them care little for anything beyond their borders, and frolicing of their people, and have devoted centuries to great works of art and monuments which exist for no reason but their overwhelming beauty.

The ancient race of the Dragonborn also make their homes here, building stalwart holds deep into the sides and tops of mountains. Believing themselves to be the First Race to walk this world, they are the eternal rivals of the Eladrin, and have had many legendary battles with them here in this world above the clouds. Deep in their halls they carve records of all of these battles, honoring their ancestors and keeping their culture pure and true. They are ruled by the Thuul a clan bloodline of emperors, which extends for millennia.

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